About 22nd Street Imaging

22nd Street Imaging is a film and photography company based in and around the Washington, DC area and was founded by Josh Goldman.

Whether you need a uniquely crafted wedding video, headshots or something else, we're here to help make your vision a reality. From conception to the final product, we work with each of our clients to ensure they are getting exactly what they need for any given project.

Questions? Please contact us. We'd love to chat.

About Josh

Hi. I'm Josh. Nice to meet you!

I'm a filmmaker, photographer and writer. And through just about any creative medium you can think of, I'm probably using it to tell a story. Simply, it's what I love to do.


As a filmmaker and a photographer, I'm a firm believer that in most situations, there is always a story to tell. And I love telling the ones that really matter to people.

I started 22nd Street Imaging because I wanted a place where people could go to have their unique adventure told. It was born out of a desire for you to be able to tell YOUR story the way that you want it to be told. Whether it is through photography or film, let's craft your beautiful tale together. When you look back, I think you'll be glad you did.